Legal Protection

Financial support covering the cost of legal expenses.

Financial support covering the cost of legal expenses.

With ever-changing and increasing legislation and regulation, it has never been more important to stay abreast of current laws. Although Legal Protection is not a requirement by law, your business can be protected from unexpected legal proceedings.

This type of insurance covers the costs of a legal dispute which can be expensive and time consuming. With this product, we are offering financial support that covers the cost of legal advice and defence.

Legal Protection Insurance is designed to cover the cost of defending claims made by third-parties, covering you against civil action, employment disputes, contract disputes, alleged criminal offences, property protection, injury, and tax protection.

Commercial Legal Expenses Insurance is there to protect your business and employees by providing expert legal help and assistance with common legal problems. These could be problems with employees, suppliers, customers, the business premises or your tax accounts.

We offer a policy that will pay up to £250,000, including solicitors fees and barristers fees, court costs, expenses for expert witnesses, attendance expenses and accountants fees. It will also pay the costs of appealing or defending an appeal.


  • Employment disputes
  • Legal Defence
  • Contract Disputes Covers
  • Debt Recovery - Property Protection and Personal Injury
  • Tax Protection
  • HMRC Tax Enquiry or VAT Dispute
  • Tenancy Disputes
  • Statutory Licence Appeal - expert legal help if a licence you need to trade us under threat

Commercial Legal Expenses Insurance also gives access to telephone legal advice, a counselling helpline, tax advice and a legal information.