Contractors Insurance

We are experienced in arranging insurance for main contractors and sub-contractors and can ensure your construction business is totally protected by a policy tailored to your specific requirements.

It’s a fact of life that accidents do happen, and a serious injury could result in you having to pay compensation costing hundreds of thousands of pounds.

If you are a main contractor or sub-contractor, arranging insurance can be time-consuming and complex, which is why it makes sense to rely on our expertise and experience. We understand that every contractor is different, with unique financial risks, and can tailor a policy to your individual requirements.

The nature of the construction industry often results in complicated contractual arrangements, and any work at a customer’s home or business premises carries the risk of an accident, calling for public liability insurance. If you have employees, by law you need employers’ liability insurance, and if your business provides a professional service, such as an architect or construction consultant, you’ll need professional indemnity insurance protecting you against error that results in your client claiming against you.

It’s vitally important you get the right cover at the right premium, because getting it wrong could prove catastrophic.